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Start Developing Your First Android App

How to Start Developing Your First Android App

To start developing your first Android app. You need to download Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Google and recommended as the official development tool for Android

android studio

To install Android Studio is easy, just run the application installer and follow the installation wizard. Once you have successfully installed, you need to download Android SDK.

The latest Android SDK will enable you to develop the latest version Android Nougat.

Congratulations! After u have successfully installed the Android SDK you are ready to develop your first Android app.

To start the development process, you just have to open a new project, put a project title and select your targeted version. Usually we will target Android 4.0 and above for current trend, it should cover 80% of the Android phones in the market. Don’t worry, just follow the step and your project will be created.

Android is based on Java Programming. So u need to have certain knowledge about Java Programming. Beside Java, Android will required the developer to understand XML as well. XML is use for the layout, menu and string. XML is an markup language that is similar to HTML but using android namespace.

If you don’t have any programming background, you can start to learn now and recently Google just announced to support Kotlin as the new programming language for Android. So you will have two options either to learn Java or Kotlin. Kotlin is an easier language compare to Java because it is based on scripting, something similar to javascript or Swift that are used in iOS development. I will cover a topic on Kotlin on another blog.

So you can start writing your code in Java or Kotlin. After you have completed the code, you just have to run and test your code on emulator if you don’t have any Android devices. And Hola that is your first Android App created. Please leave a comment on what topic u would like to see or u would like to learn in next blog. I will try to cover it once i’m free. You may also email me if u have any further questions.

For more official you can visit the official Android website